Real-time and Historic Productivity Reporting for Heidelberg Presses

PressReporter helps you to maximise your presses productivity by allowing you to see what is happening on your presses in real time, without the need to keep visiting the pressroom for updates.

View current press status showing what job is on the press, time on press, number of sheets run including wasteage, how many times the press has stopped and why as well as full job history, costing data and reports.

PressReporter provides an easy to understand visual display of press productivity and events, and all data is collected automatically with no need for any manual input from the operator.

It allows people within your company to respond quickly to unforeseen changes on the press, for example a damaged plate, misfeeding paper, drying taking longer than expected, and much more.

Production management are able to see if jobs are falling behind or move a job to another press that is ahead of schedule. It allows them to make quick informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information coming directly from your printing presses.

PressReporter enables all this information to be accessed by anyone with a valid PressReporter login from a standard web browser anywhere on your company network from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Detailed Reports

PressReporter lets you review any previous time period, such as a day, week or month, to spot production bottlenecks and compare different periods, different press, or different press operators.

You can see exactly how your presses are performing day-to-day over a period of time. It can also help you to understand those often unaccounted for non-productive times to inform decisions about work schedules and productivity to reduce unnecessary downtime and poor performance.

Job History

PressReporter provides detailed history of every job ever printed – you can review past successes or failures to improve your productivity.

Estimators are able to look back through the complete history of your presses to see exactly what the cost of a job was last time it ran, or the overheads of similar jobs when quoting for new work.

The search facility makes it easy to find any job and know immediately how much press time and paper it took.

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